Swot Analysis : Chipotle Restaurants

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Chipotle Restaurant
The Chipotle restaurant is an excellent hotel operating in various countries in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. It goes by the mission statement; food with integrity, the statement represents the restaurant 's effort to ensuring that customers have access to quality food made of organic ingredients (“Chipotle." N.p). For this reason, the hotel is amongst the restaurants in the countries that mainly serve meat which is naturally raised than any other restaurant. The restaurant observes quality and effectiveness of service delivery, provision of food and the overall hygiene in the working environment.
In addition, the Chipotle restaurant uses several outlets and methods to deliver its services to the esteemed customers in such a professional manner. For instance, it has been using services of delivery companies that are widely known in the countries they operate in. Services of Postmates have been operating in key chipotle markets. The company has also been utilizing the services of OrderUp, which happens to major on provisions of services in several small Chipotle markets. Of late, the restaurant has decided to start delivering its services to college students and various campuses in the country and in so doing, it has therefore contracted services of Tapingo. This is an online or rather a mobile commerce app that facilitates food delivery. Apart from the above delivery services, the restaurant, in addition, offers a catering

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