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Chipotle Strategy Paper

Company Profile
America’s favorite Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle opened its business in 1993 founded by Steve Ells with the goal “ to serve high quality, delicious food quickly with an experience that not only exceeded, but redefined the fast food experience. To that end, we focus on sourcing the best possible ingredients, serving the tastiest food, and growing the most capable team we can (CITATION).” As they grew into a national chain, their core mission was refined and named “Food with Integrity,” and they increasingly became public champions of the benefits of eating sustainable food. The chain has used the mission almost religiously, and it truly does strive to prepare food …show more content…

However, there are multiple competitors enforcing this strategy as well, which poses a threat to Chipotle and its leadership status as of now.
The strong competition among rivals pursuing a similar strategy is vastly based on product differentiation and a niche market attraction, as companies are constantly working to surpass their competitors and seek to provide just what certain consumers want.

Chipotle has revolutionized the fast food experience by offering quick meal options and complying with the healthy food trend. Health experts are constantly criticizing fast food restaurants for producing food that facilitates obesity.

Using ingredients from local farms Chipotle promotes ecosystem sustainability every chance it gets. Chipotle is currently the only national restaurant with a significant commitment to using local produce on a large scale. Chipotle’s local food supply has helped it give a competitive advantage over competing rival chains. While most restaurants have adapted to the healthy food trend through changing menu options, most cannot advertise sustainable operations. Chipotle actually works with local farmers to help them act in a sustainable way.

Chipotle’s goal is to deliver the highest quality product coupled with the highest quality ingredients, all while being friendly to the environment and to the animals that

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