Swot Analysis Of Sears

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The merger between Sears and Kmart was a very big event in business. At the time both companies were in the top three in sales along with Walmart. A summarized look of the history and background of Sears before the merger all started in 1866, When Mr. Richard W. Sears created a watch company that he named R.W. Sears. This company was in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the watches were only sold via mail orders. The following year the company decided to settle in Chicago as their first real location and Mr. Sears hired his first employee named Alvah C. Roebuck, who was a watchmaker. Then in 1888, the first ever catalog that included Mr. Sears watches and jewelry was established. One year later Mr. Sears sells this newly started company and starts another company that was named Sears, Roebuck and Co. A man named Julius Rosenwald, a wealthy clothing line owner, decided to buy out Mr. Roebucks side of the company. Around the same time ownerships are switching the first large catalog for the company was published. Then in 1911 Sears then created their first testing laboratory. By the end of 1913 the company introduces the very popular brand known as Kenmore. After the launch of this brand the company begins to bring in tons of more revenue and decides to create a savings and profit sharing funds for Sears employees. But a thing to remember is that Sears did not actually open a retail store until 1925 that was located a few miles outside of Chicago. In 1931 Sears went into another

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