Sylvia Plath is an American Writer who Writes Confessional Poems about her Life

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Her poetry can be categorized as “confessional poetry”, which are poems about the poet’s personal life. Her two most famous published collections of poems are The Colossus and Other Poemsand Ariel, but it was not until after Plath’s death that The Bell Jarwas published. The Bell Jar is considered a more personal and semi-autobiographical novel. Throughout Sylvia Plath’s lifetime, she suffered mentally since she was a little girl. Her father’s death when she was only eight years old estranged her from herself and others, including her own mother where she felt that she had to act as a happy and successful daughter. This is not the only time in her life where she had to put on a show. She also had to pretend to be supportive wife in front of her husband’s friends due to her mental illness. Because of her depression, Plath attempted suicide at the age of 20 and failed but ten years later, she eventually died of suicide. Sylvia Plath’s background and the way she lived her life influenced her to depict her inner struggles in life and to express her thoughts through her poetry. Sylvia Plath uses a lot of symbolism in her poetry as well as many other literary devices, especially in her poem “Ariel”. When Plath was younger, she had a horse named Ariel. Ariel in the poem is meant to symbolize Plath, the rebellious spirit that the female speaker of the poem aspires to be. It also symbolizes the transcendence…
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