Symbolic Objects that Reflect of World War II in William Goling´s Lord of the Flies

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William Golding wrote the novel Lord of the Flies to draw attention to the chaos in society during the Second World War. Throughout the novel, there is a large amount of symbolism that gives the readers a better understanding of his ideas and concepts. There are many symbolic objects in the Lord of the Flies that help to expand his perception of the Second World War and his theme of there being a little bit of evil and savagery in everyone. Three of the most important symbolic objects are Piggy’s glasses, the conch shell, and the signal fire. First, of the many symbolic objects in the Lord of the Flies are Piggy’s glasses. His glasses symbolize many different things in the novel. First they symbolize hope. Piggy’s specs are what the boys …show more content…

Second, of the many symbolic objects in the Lord of the Flies is the conch shell. The white conch shell represents the state of civilization on the island, the slow deterioration of this civilization, and finally the extinction of all of the civilization on the island. With the discovery of the conch shell it comes to symbolize the rise of civilization on the island. When Piggy exclaims to Ralph “Careful! You’ll break it—“(15) as he goes to pick up the shell, it shows the fragility of civilization and how one wrong move can shatter it. After that, Piggy then goes on to explain how valuable the conch is and how much it would cost to purchase in a shop. He informs “—a conch; ever so expensive. I bet if you wanted to buy one, you’d have to pay pounds and pounds and pounds—“(16). This discussion over the value of the conch symbolically displays just how precious civilization is to humans and the expense that the shell would bring in a shop displays the price that many are willing to pay for civilization. Ralph and Piggy then decide to use the shell to summon any other boys who are on the island. The shell is used to bring together a group of diversity and appeases their differences to create order. The conch shell also represents the creation of a key factor to its civilization. Once the group has been gathered, they begin to take the steps to organize themselves and assign duties. The organization and assignment of duties are both key roles into forming and maintaining

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