Symbolism In A Perfect Day For Bananafish

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Stories and books uses literary elements and writer’s craft to further the plot and interest of the story. Literary elements such as, mood and symbolisms are ideas conveyed in the story, but not directly said. Writer’s craft like, language, and imagery, are used to enhance the reader’s senses and are directly stated in the text. A Perfect Day for Bananafish and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty use both of these items in them. Due to the stronger and more practical use of the literary elements and writer’s craft in A Perfect Day for Bananafish it is a better story than The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
A Perfect Day for Bananafish is a story all about societal flaws and imperfection, that contains writer’s craft and literary elements such as mood, symbolism, language, and imagery. The author Salinger describes a materialistic woman (Muriel) on the phone with her mother talking about her crazy husband (Seymour), and then tells of the husband on a beach playing with a little girl (Sybil). He tells a story about a fish, appropriately named a bananafish, that eat bananas and dies, after this the little girl says she sees a bananafish, causing him to have temporary insanity and go back to his hotel room where he kills himself. The reader wonders the reasons why Seymour kills himself, and what the bananafish story really means. The story about the bananafish is the mood of the story, for the pressures of society. On page 7 it says ”’They are very ordinary-looking fish when
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