Symbolism In Eventide 3

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Mary Gilbert, the world renowned botanist, is back and if the previous two Eventide games taught us anything, this means that one of her unfortunate family members are going to end up kidnapped. This time it is Mary’s brother John who gets whisked away by some sinister creatures called Zmeys after she decides to pay him a visit. The monsters take him to a land in the clouds, but luckily for Mary, a house spirit called Aitvar arrives to assist her with reaching this magical world on the other end of the rainbow. Once there, Mary discovers that it is an evil sorcerer that is behind the kidnapping, so she has no choice other than defeating him and finding her brother while also saving the world in the process.

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You’ll also have to prove your worth to Perun, who in Slavic mythology is the god of thunder and lightning. However, as action packed as this may sound, Eventide 3 is actually quite a laid back game and doesn’t require you to make split second choices or have quick reflexes. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery and interesting locations. In fact, the closest thing that this game has to action is an achievement for completing a hidden object scene in less than 30 seconds, which we have to admit was quite a …show more content…

The tracks on offer thankfully never becomes repetitive, but some more variety would have been even better. The sound effects are very good and even the voice acting is quite solid for the genre. Too many hidden object games suffer from voice acting that sounds like characters are merely reading their lines from a script, so it is great to hear that a little more effort went into this one. Of course, if you are not a fan of voice acting it can be muted as the game allows you to adjust the music, sound and voice volumes separately. The interface of Eventide 3 is standard hidden object game fare, and if you’ve played any other title in the genre you’ll feel right at

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