Symbolism In Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants

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Symbolism in Hills like White Elephants
The use of symbolism in Hemingway’s, Hills like white elephants, provides the reader with situations people in society may face every day. There are many symbols within this short story, some more complex than others. Knowing the different symbols, can ultimately lead up to the discovery of the themes in this story. Hemingway never gives us an easy explanation in this story, forcing the reader to make wild assumptions. Since this story requires readers to read between the lines and think more complex, Hemingway gives us symbols so readers can understand the overall meaning of the story. Hemingway points out many of the symbols used by mainly repetition, which make them very important. The main symbol in this story is not hard to find, it is right in the title. All throughout the story we can see these so called “white elephants” being referenced. Although the reference to white elephants may seem like just a thought coming from Jig, it really symbolizes something big in the story. In some cultures, people view white elephants as an unwanted thing, or an uncomfortable subject. Hemingway relates these white elephants to the uncomfortable conversation about Jig’s abortion. At first glance, readers may not know what these two characters are talking about, but later in the story we can see that the baby is known as the elephant on the table.
Right in the first twenty lines we can Jig’s first thoughts about the abortion. While sitting at

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