Symbolism In Masque Of The Red Death

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Masque Of The Red Death In Masque Of The Red Death symbols play a large role throughout Edgar Allan Poe's story. The prince, the rooms even the clock holds a symbol. It's how you look or Comprehend the meaning behind it. Words can always have different meanings many it's how you look and put two and two together. This stories Symbolizes many things from life and death. There are many little meanings that can play a large part in this story. Everything has a symbol it's how you look or comprehend. The prince symbolizes mankind and the good in the world. He shows this when he throws a ball to cover the fear and danger of this masked man. Some say the masked man shows death i believe he symbolized the plague. He was only seen by the prince and he ended up killing him the prince was the first and last person to see the masked man. The ball could mean hope showing that even in the worst or hard times some good can be seen or done. Maybe even just the thought of the good things even the tough scary times. The Room through play a larger role in pushing the story along. One big symbol in the story could be the rooms. Each room symbolizes a something different or even the stages of life. Their is a red room meaning death, white room meaning age, blue meaning birth, green meaning adolescent, orange meaning Adulthood, and finally violet meaning Death. The rooms could have many different meanings but too me this is what they represent too me.some might say the red room could be
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