Symbolism In On The Waterfront

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Symbolism means ideas, behavior, and characteristics because they relate to the essay called On the Waterfront. But in the film, however, the pigeons, hooks, and a hanging crate is symbols too, which represents the central theme of the film. The examples that symbolize the story are the pigeons which represents Terry’s life, the hooks which relates how awful the union is, and a hanging crate that represent Terry’s death. So, the main points of this essay are why Terry Malloy felt controlled by the union, why Terry is so upset, and why Terry Malloy is a fighter. Pigeons are symbols that make Terry Malloy feel controlled. Also, pigeons are beautiful creatures that can be seen from power lines and in large fields too. When Terry Malloy works for the union, it was controlled by the MOB, and they took the workers money for themselves. So, in the story, the pigeons relate to Terry’s future because they relate to peace and freedom which Terry, does make a statement about being like one because he says, “they got it made, they eat all they want, fly around like crazy, sleep side by side, and raise gobs of squabs” (On the Waterfront). The last part about pigeons is that they make Terry happy when he is off work, and with them because he is away from the union and that he is not being controlled like a slave. Hooks are the next symbol that makes Terry Malloy feel angry and this is because of the corrupt union. What triggered his emotions is when Father Barry repeats the word

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