Symbolism In Poe's The Masque Of The Red Death

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In the late 1340s the world faced a serious disease known as the Black Plague, that had killed several people. The plague was so severe the even people part of the upper and lower class was scared, including Prince Prospero. The story is bright with a dramatize representation with its colored rooms and secret revelers. Poe’s use of imagery is almost dizzying. The colored rooms delivered a coded message about the stages of life and everyone's reaction represented how man handle situations that are thrown towards us. A clock sat over which room reminded the guests of death’s final approach. The story also tries to punish Prospero’s arrogant belief that he can use his wealth to fight away the tragic stage of life. Although he possesses the wealth to assist those in need, he also attempted to use it in a way of self-defense. Throughout the short story "The Masque of the Red Death", Poe uses a variety of colors in the rooms to convey a coded message to the audience to express how fearful man is towards death. Within "The Masque of the Red Death" Poe uses a variety of colors to form an indirect message that developed a theme that their are different stages in life we face and how for some of those stages we mange to give up, rather than face our fears. Arranged in a row from east to west, the seven color-coded rooms in the abbey are considered to have an symbolic meaning representing the progression of life. Each color has a stage that they represent. Blue represents birth,

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