Symbolism In Strange Fruit, By Abel Meeropol

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The poem Strange Fruit by Abel Meeropol, could be described as dark and graphic, as it embodies Southern violence in America. The poem describes the lynching of black slaves, which was generally presented to an audience of whites. Billie Holiday, a black female artist, would sing the poem to a predominantly upper-class white club. But strangely, the poem was written by a white man, Abel Meeropol. Although the last confirmed lynching was in 1968, there are other forms of racially motivated killings and violence in the United States today such as police brutality and the race riots formed by white supremacist in Charlottesville. White America is linked and always will be to the history of black killings. To understand what some of the lynching’s could have looked like, Meeropol made the poem very vivid with many examples of imagery within it as well as the many dark metaphors he placed throughout the poem.
To understand why Strange Fruit transpired in the first place, it is important to realize the terrible acts committed during the 1930s. The first slave ship sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1619 and from then on, slavery would be etched into the history of America. For 246 years, slaves worked in numerous fields of crops while being sold, traded, raped, and killed. Even after the abolishment of slavery, Jim Crow laws started taking affect soon after around the 1880s. Although Jim Crow laws were separate but equal rights, it was as if they were unfair and unjust rights.

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