Symbolism In The Book Of Revelations

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The Bible’s Book of Revelations serves as one of the most cryptic and difficult to understand books of the Bible, known for its repeated use of symbolism and infamously strange stories. The passage provided exemplifies the cryptic and symbolic aspect of Revelations with two different sequences, one going from chapters 12 to 13 and the other being chapter 21. The first portion of the book follows a woman who gives birth to a child who is destined to be a great ruler but faces a dragon who intends to eat her child upon birth. The woman is able to escape using wings given to her by the heavens, and is nourished for a very long period of time. Afterwards, a beast rises out of the sea and serves as a blasphemous figure to be foolishly praised by the inhabitants of earth. The second portion of the book follows the birth and reconstruction of a new world where just people thrive and the “faithless” are thrown into a lake of fire. (Rev. 21.8) The Book of Revelations, behind its puzzling yet interesting symbolism, serves as an epic tale of good vs. evil where good thrives and evil perishes, and through the connection of evident symbols and ideas, communicates important meaning about the fate of good and evil. Behind the complicated wording and strange symbolism, the first piece of the excerpt from Revelations simply depicts a just person facing a conflict against an evil with the odds in its favor. The passage opens with a description of a woman "clothed with the sun, with the moon

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