Symbolism In The Catcher By F. Salinger

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Through Salinger's use of symbolism, as a society, he depicts the importance of preserving innocence. We want to save innocence. In court people try to plead not guilty, meaning that they are innocent. Holden Caulfield tries to protect kids from becoming guilty. He wants to make people never become guilty. Holden's brother died when he was growing up and throughout his life he has always been getting kicked out of school. Later, he then goes to New York for a couple of days so that he doesn't have to go home early and explain to his parents that he got kicked out. He then goes to his sister Phoebe's school to give her a letter and finds something inappropriate written on the wall and scrubs it out. At the end of the book, Holden and his sister Phoebe go to the carousel. He then realizes that losing your innocence is a part of growing up. That if a kid reaches for the key and falls , you should let him fall, and if he gets it, then he keeps on going. Through these passages, the symbolism included in the book describes the importance of protecting innocence. Children are sensitive to things and can be changed very easily by the smallest thing. That’s is why if a kid is hurt when he is young, he could turn into a bully, and why people who come back from war tend to have PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They witness something that can't be unseen and that is why we should try to protect kids from losing their innocence so that they never have to go through that. He also

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