Symbolism Of Light In Othello Essay

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’ In the text ‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare, symbolism is a useful technique used to shed light on the deeper and darker messages of the play. It is very evident, especially through symbolic imagery, animalistic symbols, and hell and the devil; the issues in which Shakepeare intends to make his audience aware of in society. The strawberry spotted handkerchief also plays a crucial role in portraying these messages. I n the play, Othello is often referred to as animals, mostly by Iago (the antagonist of the play). we see his first in Act I when Iago announces to Brabantio that “an old black ram is tupping your white ewe”. Instantly, we get the impression that this is in some form racist due to the symbolic references of animals and colour. From here on out, we can sense racism in all of Iago’s comments about animals. Animals are generally seen as less superior to humans and can even be seen as monstrous or beastly. In reference to manipulating Othello’s mind, Iago states that he can be “tenderly led by th’nose/As asses are.” This immediately suggests that he is less human and …show more content…

Racism, hidden evil and gender conflicts are all on going issues that unfortunately are yet to be resolved. Symbolism was the best way in which Shakespeare could shed light on these messages because it requires a lot of deeper thinking and therefore we are able to obtain our own opinions on the matter with subtle implications that cannot particularly sway us one way or the other. The direction and extent in which we choose to take or view these implications is left entirely up to us. None of what Shakespeare writes in this play is straight forward which is why we have the chance to explore (through techniques such as symbolism and choose our own perceptions of the ideas and messages in which he puts

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