Symbolism in A Worn Path by Eudora Welty

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Using symbolism can take your story to a whole new level by showing us how each character feels in additional it can make a person or even an objects stand out a whole lot more. In Eudora Welty they used symbolism in many different ways that you can even notice them right away. In Eudora Welty ‘A Worn Path’ is a short story where symbols are found everywhere throughout many places where you read. This short story is about an old woman named Phoenix Jackson whom was a black African American that was compared to a mythical Arabian bird, and actually that bird lived up to five centuries in desserts and after living those five centuries it would burn up; and then from those same ashes it would then be reborn and it would start from the …show more content…

Around Jackson’s time racism was really tough , white people were mean, but with that, she still did not stopped from going to where she was heading. As she now continued with her walk through the woods a dog came out of nowhere barking and made Phoenix fall into a ditch where she could not get out of there on her own. That is when another dog came along but this dog had an owner which was the White Hunter, and he had a gun with him. He was sort of a nice guy to help her get out of the ditch. Phoenix was a skin colored woman, so the hunter decided to play her a little game since she was colored and old. He thought he was better than her based on the skin color that he even talked to her in a really mean way, thinking he would actually scare her. So the gun he was carrying along with him made him want to make a little ‘joke’ on Phoenix and pointed at her aiming right to her head right there and then. This implies how Phoenix shows him no fear for any second he stand in front of her, yet she only showed him even more courage. “Seem like there is chains about my feet, (also a symbol for the recent memory of slavery.)” the white hunter never saw Phoenix as in equal woman, on other words he saw himself as something much better and bigger than

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