Symbolism in Fences

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Symbols in Fences
As we know that, “Symbolism is a literary deice in which an object, event, or action is used to suggest a meaning beyond its literal meaning” (p.1801). In the play night Mother, by Marsha Norman used the symbol of “bus” to compare Jessie life; she feel herself as if no progress in life after the age fifty years. Therefore, she compares herself with such a “Bus” which will reach in same place even after fifty years. So, ‘Bus’ symbolizes the lack of progress, sense of hopelessness in life. The Pulitzer Prize winning drama “Fences” by renowned African-American black Writer August Wilson also presents the symbols in his play. The symbols play vital role in play. It represents the theme of Drama. So, symbolic meaning is …show more content…

Poor folks can’t get nothing.
Troy: Them numbers don’t know nobody. I don’t know Why you fool with them. You and Lyons both. (p1520.1.2)

So, Rose and Lyons used to play with number. Wilson displays such characters in Fences to represent how people have hope of winning the ‘lottery’ and how they relate it with ‘fate’.

‘The Devil’ as symbol

In the play the protagonist, Troy often tells the false stories of ‘the devil’. Actually, his wife Rose knew that Troy is

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