Sympathetic Understanding In The Confucius Society

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Sympathetic Understanding
It is known that both them wanted a society where everyone did their respective roles and not stepping into each other’s role. But in the Confucius society we see how they speak about sympathetic understanding. They say that loyalty to one’s prescribed role is important but at the same time sympathetic understanding provide space for stepping out of one’s role-specific duty and helping others. Han Fei believes that only if people do their specific role will there be order in society.
Education and Culture
Also, the concept of education and culture is important for Confucius, he says that education help in the cultivation of self-knowledge and self -improvement. This can help them to make better decisions which can help the state to thrive. Han Fei believes that education is not important and we can see the disdain Han Fei had for scholars. He feels that they only use resources from the state without contributing back to it. Also, he feels that they would confuse the law. Confucius believed that scholars were important in a society but Han Fei said that only farmers and soldiers were important and they didn’t require education.
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Both these thinkers talk about a monarchical system, where the ruler has absolute power and they prescribe about following one’s specific duty. But Confucius’s system provide opportunity for sympathetic understanding. They are not just bound to their role, they can go beyond their role to help others. Sympathetic understanding fosters interaction between different groups and helps them to empathise with each other. The trademark of an ideal society is when people understand each other, work together in times of crises and are aware about other groups. If we restrict people only to their role , we would encounter a society which looks perfect in parts but together they would never be able to

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