Symptoms And Signs Of Eating Disorders

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People who suffer from an eating disorder are sometimes or to be fair always get the attention of media. That’s simply because such diseases are hard or difficult to be treated and they get to be a big point of interest and they receive the research attention. So what are eating disorders? And what are the symptoms and signs of an eating disorder? Well, an eating disorder is a definite disturbance of eating habits or weight-control behavior and it’s not a secondary due to any disorder. Over the past decades studies showed that eating disorders are frequent in women than men. Moreover, an eating disorder could result in a psychological, mental, and physical dysfunctions and disabilities. Just like diabetes, eating disorders are classified into different types: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and the atypical eating disorders.

The causes, signs, and symptoms of theses types may be similar but each type has a feature that differentiates it from the other. There are many things that can cause eating disorders, a cause can be by genetics, can be psychological, or social. The effects of eating disorders could be social — low self-esteem, emotional — anxiety, physical —cardiovascular, and dental addition to that there are the risk factors which means characteristic of an individual that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or injury. Risk factors could be general—living in a western society or being a female, Individual— family history, depression,…
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