Symptoms And Signs Of Eating Disorders

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People who suffer from an eating disorder are sometimes or to be fair always get the attention of media. That’s simply because such diseases are hard or difficult to be treated and they get to be a big point of interest and they receive the research attention. So what are eating disorders? And what are the symptoms and signs of an eating disorder? Well, an eating disorder is a definite disturbance of eating habits or weight-control behavior and it’s not a secondary due to any disorder. Over the past decades studies showed that eating disorders are frequent in women than men. Moreover, an eating disorder could result in a psychological, mental, and physical dysfunctions and disabilities. Just like diabetes, eating disorders are classified …show more content…

Treatments vary from case to case but generally physiotherapy, counseling, and medications can be used to treat eating disorders. Such diseases are difficult to deal with because patients mostly refuse to interact with the therapy or the given medication due to their uncontrollable behavior.

The first type of eating disorders is the anorexia nervosa. In anorexia nervosa there is an active maintenance of an unduly low body weight- body mass index. The first cases for anorexia were in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and in that period of time this disorder was rare but in the twentieth century anorexia started to appear (1). Anorexia affects women more than men. Several studies showed that it affects 0.5% of women and 0.1% of men. Anorexia is mostly found in in western societies. Anorexia can be divided into two types, the first one that is the restriction type: weight loss is achieved by restricting calories. And the other type, which is the purging type: when vomiting or using laxatives and diuretics achieve weight loss. People who are anorexic mostly have an immoderate health restriction, obsession and anxiety about body image and weight; they punish themselves by eating very small portions of food portions of food and over exercising. There are many signs and symptoms that can be deducted to recognize anorexia in a person such as: refusal to

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