Eating Disorders And Substance Abuse Essay

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Eating Disorders And Substance Abuse

Common Eating Disorders:

The two most common eating disorders are bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. Both disorders, primarily affect young women, therefore the majority of the research on eating disorders has been done with women subjects. The onset of bulimia is between adolescence and early adulthood while the onset of anorexia is between early and late adolescence. Not only is the onset different but the disorders are unique. Bulimia nervosa is characterized by loss of control over eating which leads to food binges. These episodes are interspersed with episodes of purging, such as vomiting or laxative abuse, to keep weight down. The goal of anorexia is also to keep weight down , but to a
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Comparably high rates were found in binge eating/purging anorexics" (Lilenfeld 1996).

The figures are defined as high because in the general population the rate of alcohol abuse or dependence in women is twelve percent and ten percent for other drug abuse or dependence. The only area where drug or alcohol abuse does not appear to be related to eating is with anorexia nervosa. In this area alcohol abuse appears to be less than the general population.

In another compilation of studies by Schuckit, Tipp, Anthenelli, and Buchotz differing statistics were found as to whether there was increased alcohol abuse among women with bulimia. One group of studies regarding bulimia stated that between one fourth and one half of individuals with bulimia "drank one or several times per week" or "had evidence of a problem with street drugs". Another stated that between fourteen and over fifty percent of individuals met the criteria for alcohol dependence. Yet another study found only a twelve percent rate of severe alcohol problems among a group of women with bulimia. This evidence states that there is no proof for substance abuse increase in bulimia because the rate in the general
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