Symptoms And Symptoms Of Hemophilia

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SYMPTOMS OF HEMOPHILIA Student Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract This research paper is about the various symptoms of hemophilia. The paper is going to outline and deeply describe the various ways that hemophilia manifests itself on patients. The paper also encompasses the factors that triggers the symptoms and the afterward effects on the individual. This paper will involve sourcing information from several books written by reputable authors and also getting information from the websites of highly recognized organizations as well as institutions. The paper will also rely on the recorded information from hospitals regarding the hemophiliac patients either a child born with the disorder or an adult who had reported the disease. The symptoms of hemophilia mainly manifest by the action of excessive bleeding which are normally spontaneous thus the paper will include all the abnormal instances of bleeding that are more or less the symptoms of hemophilia. Introduction Hemophilia is a very serious bleeding disorder affecting humans all over the world (Mc Partland, 2016). People suspected to be affected by the disorder normally portray physical features associated with either excessive bleeding or easy bruising. The symptoms of the disease are different depending on the type of hemophilia and also the level of the disorder for example severe hemophilia is associated with excessive bleeding after injuries (Zerwekh, Miller, & Claborn, 2012). The degree of

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