Symptoms And Symptoms Of Ptsd

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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD, is a mental disorder that is becoming very common within our society and our world. PTSD is known to bring on a set of psychological and physical symptoms, by experiencing traumatic events such as warfare, sexual assault, traffic collisions, and more. The majority of people that suffer from the disorder usually recover fairly soon, within the next few months of being diagnosed, but of course, there are so many people where the mental disorder of PTSD, clings onto them for the rest of their lives. PTSD is a crippling mental disorder, that is more common and relevant than ever before. According to, the definition of PTSD is as follows, “A disorder characterized by failure to…show more content…
Examples of arousal could include; aggressive behavior, self-destructive behavior, startle response, concentration problems and restlessness. Many believe that the symptoms of PTSD could potentially be the inherent mechanism, with your body’s intentions to help you survive further traumatic events or attacks. Such as, people with PTSD often have recurring nightmares and/or flashbacks regarding the traumatic event they went through. This could, arguably, be your body 's way to better deal with the situations like this in the future, or to help you know what to do, to not make the same mistakes. As well, as the symptom of hyperarousal, as the feeling of “being on edge,” could be your body 's way to help you better react in the future. Although this is just a theory, it is very believable, as your body falsely identifies an action as a helpful course to further your recovery. Much like this, is the allergy, the body falsely identifying a substance as threat, and it’s abnormal reaction is the body 's way to help the person out by “protecting” it. While, in reality, it’s not beneficial at all, and ends up harming the person. That could potentially be the root and reasoning of PTSD, but of course, we would not know until further research is conducted. People that have PTSD, have proven to acquire irregular numbers of stress hormones. Stress hormones are produced within
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