Symptoms And Symptoms Of Schizophrenia

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According to the DSM IV-TR. Symptoms of schizophrenia, include meeting three criteria: need to have two or more characteristics symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, grossly disorganized behavior/catatonic behavior or negative symptoms such as blunted affect, alogia, or alovitian which was evident in this film.. In addition to these symptoms, the individual must also display a social or occupational dysfunction, such as a disturbance in functioning in his work, interpersonal relationship or self-care. The third criterion is having all of these symptoms continue for more than six months which John Nash showed throughout his graduate school.

Criterion A for schizophrenia is met because the hallucinations …show more content…

There was a point in the movie where Nash hallucinates that Harris planted a device in his arm that allows him to see a code using ultra violet rays. Supposedly this device leads him to open a secret place, where he secretly cracks codes to help the government. However, this is all a creation of Nash’s imagination. Criterion B for schizophernia negative symptoms was also met throughout the film because it seemed that John Nash was always occupied by being an over achiever and afraid of failure. Criterion C was also met because his delusions and hallucinations were portrayed and carried on throughout the whole film from beginning to end. Mood disorders, substance abuse and history of previous medical conditions can all be ruled out because none of these were shown. Along with all this Nash fell under the Paranoid subtype throughout the movie because he always seemed to be occupied with his duty as a government spy and having to fulfill his duty. This was shown through Nash by always putting his duty as a government spy before his wife, his job as a professor at Princeton, having his office cluttered/ disorganized and filled with magazine cut outs that he believed were helping him crack codes for the government as to where the Russians had the bombs hidden.

Under Axis II I diagnosed him with Narcissistic Personality Disorder but put it as provisional

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