Symptoms And Treatment Of A Call

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On Thursday, the 4th of December 2014 at 0730hrs, a call was received of a forty one (41) year old female whose chief complaint was abdominal pain with nil other symptoms. The call was assigned Code Two, and the crew was dispatched to the private residence the call originated from. On arrival, the patient was found in the main bedroom laying supine, guarding the lower abdominal area and as the crew entered the room, the patient curled up onto her side. The patient stated eight out of ten (8/10) pain located inferior to the umbilical region to right iliac, that came on suddenly after urination. Pain was worse on movement and palpation, and nausea followed pain. On initial examination, the patient was well perfused, all vital signs were within normal ranges and nil further complaints. Abdomen was soft, non-tender on palpitation, non-distended, and patient denied any blood or dark coloured stools, nil urinary symptoms, nil constipation. Patient was given 3mL of methoxyflurane to assist with extrication to vehicle, with partial effect until patient became non-compliant with use. Patient was then given 50mcg of Fentanyl with good effect, bringing pain down to two out of ten (2/10). Enroute to the hospital, the patient became pale, diaphoretic, nauseous and dizzy with continuous abdominal pain. Patient became hypotensive, however all other vital signs remained stable. Upgraded to code one enroute to the hospital as the patients vital signs deteriorated, from a blood pressure of…
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