Symptoms And Treatment Of Arthritis

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Arthritis in dogs is a degenerative disease that causes stiffness in the joints and muscles, limiting the dog 's mobility. Although it varies in severity, in some cases arthritis in dogs can be extremely painful, just like it can be in people. And arthritis in dogs is a very common condition, afflicting up to one in every three to four dogs. That 's why information about dogs and arthritis is so important. Keep reading for some valuable information on the symptoms of arthritis in dogs, as well as what causes it.

Dogs and Arthritis: The Causes

This potentially very painful condition is common in older dogs because over time, wear and tear affects the joints. Younger dogs can also develop arthritis, although less frequently. Unlike the …show more content…

It is also much less common than osteoarthritis. This form of canine arthritis can be caused by a bacterial infection (staphylococcus or streptococcus, for example), a tick-borne disease such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever or a fungal infection in a joint, but it can also be caused by auto-immune disorders, some of which are hereditary. Rheumatoid arthritis is one example of arthritis caused by an auto-immune disorder, but fortunately it is rare in dogs. Arthritis resulting from an auto-immune disorder usually affects multiple joints.

Inflammatory joint disease is often characterized by systemic symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite and a generalized, overall stiffness. Unlike the form of arthritis that degenerative joint disease typically causes, which usually has a slow, gradual onset, the appearance of arthritis symptoms due to inflammatory joint disease is usually sudden and acute.

Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs

The symptoms of arthritis in dogs are in general analogous to those of arthritis in humans, if you take into account the differences in anatomy. They can vary in severity from being barely detectable to being crippling and debilitating. Obviously, dogs cannot tell you they 're hurting, and most do not show any visible signs of pain until it becomes significant.

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