Symptoms And Treatment Of Cystic Fibrosis

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Picture this. You are currently at the movies watching a film that you have been waiting to see for a long time and it is getting to the climax. The person right behind you coughs fairly often and begins to endure a coughing fit which disturbs you from watching the film. There are two ways you can react to the individual: the first is to vexingly stay quiet and try to continue enjoying the film and the second is to become angry and act impulsively (with the possibly lashing out). What you do not know is that this same individual is suffering from cystic fibrosis and is obviously unable to control his coughs; his condition is incurable, meaning he must live his entire life putting up with the symptoms. Many people would more likely react the second way mentioned above, but would you react that way also if you were aware of the horrible symptoms, conditions, and outcomes? If your answer is yes, then my next question is this: if it were you suffering from cystic fibrosis, would you want people to be bitter towards you over something you cannot control? That answer is more like it; to have knowledge of a certain illness is a benefit in order to have a more understanding and empathetic outlook.
Cystic fibrosis (or CF) is a disease of the secretory glands. To simplify the term, secretory comes from the word secrete; in this particular case we are referring to the production and secretion of sweat and mucus. Besides the fact that cystic fibrosis is an illness, it is

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