Symptoms And Treatment Of Health

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The definition of health describes the way we feel physically, mentally and socially and being free from any illness or injury. Health is not an easy term to define as for some people it includes mental health and for others it just involves physical health and these two are very different.
The term ‘Illness’ refers to the way in which disease is experienced. Characteristics of a person with good health include a working immune system, good complexion, high energy, good communication, positive mood and mental state. Poor health will be basically the opposite, with being unwell frequently, mental illness, weight issues, poor complexion or substance abuse.
The definition of illness is when you have a condition or feeling that isn’t normal …show more content…

Health and mental health is not just defined within the medical context, it can also be defined by the person and the persons family and social networks. This is one of the main reasons the terms are hard to define as the definitions may vary from culture to culture. The three main categories are physical appearance, emotional disposition and behaviour. Some people believe that there are no symptoms then there is no disease. Other cultures believe that physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing are the three most important things for good health.
Sociologists think that a society depends on health people and being able to control illness. A man named Talcott Parsons identified what he called the sick role. He meant to describe the behaviour towards the sick person and the behaviour of the sick person. Parsons identified four roles of the sick role:
- Not held responsible for being sick
- Not responsible for normal duties
- Not supposed to like the role
- Supposed to seek help to get out of the role
In a society, people who are acting sick will get sympathy. If people do not act sick or ask for any help they will lose the sympathy they were getting.
Some people believe that you can only determine whether you are ill or not by science. A good example is some people only class diseases as legitimate if they have a common scientific diagnosis such as cancer or heart disease. These people are likely to slow less sympathy if someone is

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