Symptoms And Treatment Of Psychiatric Disorders

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Among the world of mental health there exists many unexplained disorders. Most of these psychiatric disorders occur for no reason and without conscious control. However, in the section of somatic symptom disorders there exists diagnoses of people with factitious disorder whom intentionally pretend illness in order to fulfill their emotional needs. For the FD client, there is a strong urge to assume the role of “patient.” The disorders one witnesses are actually the client feigning symptoms of sickness. Thus the word factitious translates in Latin to artificial or contrived. The patient may feel an internal need to keep faking the role of being sick. They also often have a history of lying uncontrollably and can be portrayed as good …show more content…

Various scientific studies suggest that it is more common to see FD in woman than in men, but men oftentimes portray a more chronic FD. With the FD client being such a great liar it is hard to study their health history and find a cause for their perceived diagnosis. One theory states that during childhood, the child might have been exposed to traumatic events such as abuse or neglect which lead to multiple hospitalizations. In this situation the child finds comfort being at a hospital. They also might substitute the neglected parent-child bond with a staff-patient bond. In a different theory the person may have been exposed to severe illness as a child and this led to the discovery of the attention they received associated with their sick role (Ferrara et al., 2012). Description In order to have a proper understanding of FD one must have knowledge on somatic symptom disorders. People with somatic symptom disorders show their psychological problems though physical symptoms. Somatic disorders show intricate mind-body interactions that cause real physical distress. The distress can be so destructive that it portrays negatively in the clients activities of daily life; meaning the client is unable to survive with said disorder due to lack of functional impairment. The reason why FD falls under the section of somatic symptom disorders is because of the client’s physical sign and symptoms. However the two disorders differ because clients with FD intentionally fake

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