Symptoms Of Major Depressive Disorder Essay

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?Do you or someone that you now suffer from major depressive disorder? Major depressive disorder effects 6.7 percent of the adult American population; approximately 14.8 million Americans. It is a tragic fact that so many people suffer from depression at some point in their lives.?A diagnosis of major depressive disorder is given when a licensed counselor/ psychiatrist concludes that someone suffers from at least five of the nine symptoms listed in the DSM which are present for longer than a two week period. The second requirement is a depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure. There are nine symptoms listed that have been researched and proven to lead to depression. The feelings of being sad, empty, or hopeless is considered a depressive mood, and should be noted if occurring longer than a day. A loss in pleasure of all or any normal activities is another symptom of depression. An abnormal change in appetite or weight should be considered in looking at signs of having major depressive disorder. Some of the other effects of major depressive disorder include fatigue and loss of energy, retardation, and insomnia. One symptom of the nine that really stands out is having a disruption in your ability to think or concentrate; affecting your everyday life activities. Then the last sign that has been mentioned is having thoughts about death. These thoughts are not just a fear of dying, but a specific plan in which to die by suicide. Major depressive disorder ?symptoms cause
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