Synopsis Of ' 17 Bluebarn Avenue ' Essay

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17 Bluebarn Avenue was more than a place that I lived in. This house was a place where I could feel at ease when my life becomes hard to handle. I am really attached to this house. I did not realise how much I loved this house until Thursday night when dad came home. The weather was dark and gloomy. Darkness began to drain in the sky, hiding away all the beautiful pink and orange clouds. Soon the warm glow of the streetlights began to cut the darkness. As I was casually checking my BioChip data on my phone I heard the creaking noise of the main door. I ran down the wooden stairs of the old cottage to see dad. All of us gathered around the long and solid wooden table which looked like a medieval banquet table in the middle of the crisp patterned wallpapered room. Dad started to discuss about the promotion he got this morning. He said in an exhilarating tone “I’ve got a surprise for all of you.” As everyone was puzzled and they started looking at each other, he said, “We’ll be moving to a new house next week! New house. New neighbourhood. New friends.” There were sparks in my head, trying to connect the dots and process the information that my dad presented instead of causing a short circuit. I was not able to believe this. I do not want to leave this house. Tears flowed down my cheeks and started dripping from my chin. I stood up and ran upstairs to my room. This was a tragic phase in my life. All there was left was bare walls and cardboard boxes scribbled on with a

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