Synopsis Of A Double Bottomed Murder

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“A Double-Bottomed Murder” Synopsis
William Templeton, a famous hairstylist, is killed in his own studio located in one of the Florida’s resort towns. His son, Adam Templeton finds the body; only an accidental alibi saves the young man from being holding in killing. William slept with most of his female clients, representatives of the high society. The local sheriff decides to allow the case to fade away as potential suspects have too high status. Adam wants to find the murderer; the man travels through the country as most of women returned to their main residents during the local investigation
Adam meets with father’s permanent lovers and finds out new information about William’s personality. At a certain point he starts to suspect Molly …show more content…

Policemen arrest the woman, and she commits a suicide in the custody; she lefts a strange message that mentions a videotape. Adam finds the film, when he cleans father’s apartments. The tape was brought to the man’s house by one of his lovers; both police and Adam could not identify her. The video was addressed to Molly. William indicts her for infecting him with HIV. The man decides to revenge: he kills himself in a way to set Molly up. Adam is caught in a dilemma: to say the truth or to save remnants of father’s good name and save the reputation of a strange woman. Script Outline
Opening & Closing Images
William Templeton’s kind face in close up is the first image the auditory sees. The first impression creates a sharp contrast with the following frames, as viewers understand they see a face of the dead man with a hairstylist’s tail comb in his sinciput. The closing image is Adam’s shocking face in close up. Men’s affinity connects all episodes of the plot: the son experiences consequences of father’s life.
Inciting Incident
Father’s murder became the inciting incident in Adam’s life. The man turned to a private investigator from a careless clubber. Adam uncowered unpleasant facts of father’s biography.

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