Synopsis Of The Alchemist

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Full title · The Alchemist Author · Paulo Coelho Type of work · Novel Genre · Fiction Language · Portuguese Time and place written · 1988, Brazil Date of first publication · 1988 Tone · The Alchemist reads like an ancient myth or fable. It is simple, direct, and overtly didactic. It also has elements of a picaresque, an episodic tale detailing a hero’s adventures during his quest. Tense · The story is told in the past tense. SUMMARY Santiago is a shepherd living in the moving slopes of an amazing place Andalucía. He cherishes his run but can't resist the urge to see the restricted idea of their reality. Looking for just nourishment and water, they never lift their heads to appreciate the green slopes or the nightfall. Santiago's folks have constantly battled for the practical details of life, and have covered their own particular aspirations in the same manner. They live in excellent place called Andalucía, which pulls in vacationers to its interesting and extremely amazing towns and thrilling slopes but still for them it is no place of dreams. Santiago, then again, can read and needs to travel. He goes into town one day to offer some of his rush, and there he experiences a tramp-ruler and a Vagabond lady. They ask him to 'take after his signs' and leave the world he knows. The Rover…show more content…
Every individual has a fate to seek after that exists freely of other individuals. It is the thing you would do, or be, regardless of the possibility that you have all the adoration and cash you need. The fortune Santiago looks for is obviously the image of the individual dream or fate, however he is cheerful to abandon it when he finds the lady he had always wanted in a leave desert garden. However, the chemist discloses to him that the affection for his desert spring sweetheart might be demonstrated genuine in the event that she will bolster his fortune
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