Synopsis Of The Speech ' Announces The Scratchy Pa System

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"Attention, all higher-ups please report to the meeting hall," announces the scratchy PA system. Juan and Alejandro develop a sly grin and stir up a conversation. "Old Paco finally figured how to use that intercom." "It´s a real burden.” "Let´s go get Hector and Adolfo to see what 's up. I think I have an idea of what it is." "These rumours remind me of grade school, it´s really getting out of hand." “Yeah, it’s a joke.” The men casually stroll into the dinky mess hall, which is really more of an empty room with picnic tables. Adolfo is leaning against a scuffed-up wall that emits a pungent odor of rotting meat and old wood. He’s in a slumped position with his grubby hat lazily placed across his forehead and eyes. “Wake up sleeping beauty,” howls Juan. “Yeah, welcome to the real world, population… you!” adds Alejandro. “You know, I’m real tired of this place, I’m getting out of here as soon as my contract expires!” asserts Adolfo. “I can think of something else that’s real tired,” jokes Juan. “Ha ha ha, I thought this was a military base, not a comedy club.” “Let’s stop with babble and get going. Davola wants us.” “That’s General Paco Davola to you, Lieutenant,” mumbles Hector as he emerges from the dark corner of the room. “Well look who decided to show up, the stony-faced Hector himself,” teases Alejandro. “You know I don’t like that nickname, Mr. Napier.” “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” booms General Paco Davola. Complete silence engulfs the room, besides…
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