Synthesis Essay On Income Inequality

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Throughout history, there have been wars and fights over equality. World War 2 is an example of how strongly people can feel about equality. This also applies to the civil rights movement for African Americans and women. The fight for equality is still being waged today, although it may not be as prevalent as it was for World War 2 or the civil rights movement. This time, however, some people are calling for income equality. These people have a very valid point as to why they want income equality; the gap between the poor and rich is very important, and it continues to widen while also causing the economy more and more harm. This gap is killing the United States of America, and it is the government's job to help fix this problem.

The poor
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As the county keeps deteriorating its middle class, we will no longer, “ enjoy longer economic expansions” (source C). Economic expansions are a very big deal when it comes to them being cut. They may cause slight inflation, as the country is making money at a very good rate. However, they also provide good stock markets, new businesses to help, and improve the country as a whole. However, if expansions keep occurring like this, and only become, “27 months old,” these benefits will be largely limited (source C). This, in turn, causes recessions to become even worse, as they cause unemployment and overall inequality. This gap has occurred by a lot of minor details and other such things. All we know so far is that it keeps widening and this needs to be fixed. However, some people do not want to take action against this gap. It could be because it can cost too much, or we have more pressing matters (which is unlikely), or it could also be that, “[their] energies are no longer directed to the equal protection of right, but the equal provision of things” (source D). This does create a point that could be used to question what we are doing. Overall, the inequality of the income gap affects the entire nation, not just the lower
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