T. V: Negative Effects On The Lives Of American People

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WIth the invention and the increased popularity of the Tv came new issues for the American people. One of the most concerning for the people then and now is that the youth of that generation and this generation were losing social skills and valued their education less. Kids spent more time watching television and less time reading and writing. Grades were not the only thing decreasing in the lives of the youths. Kids stop going places and doing activities outside which, over time, weakened kids muscular build and physical condition. Not only was their muscular build affected but there eye sight was diminished. These problems are still relevant today. People stay inside rather than go outside and be active. The Tv allows people to be lazy, directly affecting other aspects of their life like physical and mental health.…show more content…
For example, news is being given to the viewers quicker and more efficiently. News from across town or around the globe can be shown to the viewer in short time and watched with a moments notice. And news is not the only thing being shown and viewed with the T.V. Although T.V can negatively affect kids schooling. It also can be used to teach all sorts of people new things about many different subjects. But one of the biggest benefits of T.V at this time was its ability to bring a family together. At the end of long work days or school days a family could sit down and watch the television and enjoy their favorite television series or be informed by the daily evening news. Thus creating a closer bond with family members and a cheaper cost compared to other activities at the
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