Tv's Influence On American Culture

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Once we finished talking about her memory of World War II, I shifted the discussion to what her favorite time period was. Without hesitation she immediately said her favorite time growing up was the 1950s. She was a teenager during the 50s and she spent so much time hanging out with her friends going to car hops, ballroom dances, diners, drive-in theaters, and spent time watching television. Television to her revolutionize her life with TV Shows like: I Love Lucy, Father Knows Best, and the emergence of marketing commercials. The breakout of Rock N’ Roll music fueled her love for Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and Bill Haley. She also described her love for movies and the multiple genres that encompassed the movie industry from nuclear paranoia to space exploration to teenage rebellion, and old western films about the West. …show more content…

She remembers how happy her younger sisters were with the tv show, Mickey Mouse Club and how Disney cartoons began to become more common due to the development of television. I asked her what her memory was of President Truman, she told me she remembered how popular he was in the city. People made banners of him and she remembers seeing pictures of him everywhere. She remembers hearing a couple of his speeches on a radio broadcast regarding his “ containment” agenda of Communism and his policies regarding his Marshall Plan, aimed at helping Germany recover from the war with assistance and aid from the United States

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