Ta Level 2 204 Equality Diversity & Inclusion in Work with Children and Young People, 2.1, 2.2, 2.5

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TA level 2
Equality Diversity & Inclusion in work with children and young people, 2.1, 2.2, 2.5

Question 1 Case Study 1

1a) Who is being discriminated against?

Sally has been attending nursery school for three months. Both Sally and her family; who are travellers, are being discriminated against.

2a) What kind of discrimination is taking place?

The discrimination taking place for Sally and her family could be considered to be direct; Sally is being treated less favourably than her peers, associative; Sally comes from a travelling community & perceptive; expectations within the local community and key worker that Sally will move away from the area. Sally is also being denied equal opportunities.

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Simply by talking with children and young people will help to discover their interests and working with the school will increase my own awareness of ability, individual need and background. Having this knowledge will ensure support I give will be effective, appropriate and individualised for each CYP.

As a member of a school team I would share the responsibility to ensure discrimination does not take place and to recognise any discrimination if it did occur. My own knowledge of policy practice and procedure would ensure I would be able to deal with any incidents via the appropriate channels.

Question 3

Describe what is meant by the term ‘inclusion’ and how this is implemented in schools. (3.1, 3.3)

Inclusive practise is based on a social model of disability which encourages empowerment and enabling of the child or young person. By contrast the medical term of disability is that of the child adapting to the environment it is within. The medical need promotes dependence.

The empowerment and enabling of the social model of disability, leads to the identification, understanding and breaking down of barriers that prevent participation and belonging of the CYP
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