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Taft Hickman
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31 January 2017
Gregor Mendel
Early Life
Effects/Outcome of
Gregor Johann Mendel was a scientist and botanist born on July 22, 1822. At birth he was given the name Johann Mendel. He grew up on a family owned farm in Heinzendorf, Austria. In early years, young Mendel showed signs of being very intelligent. One of his teachers recommended he be sent to another school to further his learning. His parents, not having much money, decided to send him. Despite some struggles throughout school, Mendel knew he had to make his parents proud and graduated with honors. He then attended the University of Olmütz where he found his love for Physics and math. It was …show more content…

No one really understood the genetic principles of these plants and animals so the experiments were sometimes dangerous and costly. In the 1890’s better microscopes were introduced into the scientific world and allowed scientist to further their study and knowledge in cell division. This was a key component in the study of genetics. Mendel is commonly known at the “father of modern genetics”. While being a teacher Mendel had time to have experiments of his own. Most of his time was spent on the testing of pea plants. He tried to use regular garden pea plants because they were easily accessible, grown in large numbers in the monastery gardens, and they were extremely easy to reproduce while not having to wait a long period of time before receiving results. Common pea plants have both male and female reproductive organs which gives them the ability to either self-pollinate or cross-pollinate.
The experiments were to study their genetic makeup and test them over generations and generations of other pea plants. He would study a “parent” plants and when their offspring appeared he noticed that only certain characteristics would show up in their offspring. “For instance, the pea flowers are either purple or white— intermediate colors do not appear in the offspring of cross pollinated pea plants. Mendel observed seven traits that are easily recognized and apparently only occur in one of two forms. 1. Flower color is purple or white. 2. Flower position is axil or

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