Tai Chi : A Low Impact Exercise

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Tai Chi originated in China after a Taoist sage dreamt of a snake and a bird fighting. After his dream this man used the moves he saw in the fight to create Tai Chi. However, the first recognized man to perform Tai Chi was Chen Wang-ting in the 1600’s (Morano, 2003). Tai Chi is considered to be a low-impact exercise in which the movements are relaxed and joints are not strained. When participating in Tai Chi one goes through a series of routines involving certain movements and focus on their breathing (The Health Benefits, 2009). Tai Chi sessions usually last around an hour. One is encouraged to wear loose and comfortable clothes and either wear sneakers or go bare foot (Tai Chi: A Gentle Exercise, 2015).
2. Let 's pretend that somebody who never heard of Tai Chi approaches you and asks you the following question:
What are the benefits of Tai Chi (Name at least five benefits and explain why it is beneficial)
One benefit to participating in Tai Chi is that it increases flexibility. By being more flexible, one is less likely to suffer from aches and pains. Tai Chi can also lower blood pressure. If one has high blood pressure, the heart and arteries can be damaged, so it is important to have a normal blood pressure. Tai Chi can improve sleep difficulties in its participants. By improving the quality and duration of sleep, individuals are more apt to be alert and active after a good nights rest than those who had poor or little sleep (The Health Benefits, 2009). Participating

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