Taking A Minimum Wage Position Making Eight Dollars An Hour

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My inspiration to go back to school started almost seven years ago. This is when I started my new job at Kraft Foods. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and I really did not know exactly what I would be doing. What I did know, was that I would be doing manual labor of some kind. I also did not know what kind of people I would be working with or what they would think of me. I was just happy to have a job after being laid off from my job as an accounting assistant in Long Beach, California. After being out of work for almost six months and the economy being so bad in 2010, I was desperate for a job. I decided to take a minimum wage position making eight dollars an hour. Little did I know at the time, but this job would show me …show more content…

I looked for jobs all around Fresno and Clovis, I applied with PG&E, Pepsi, DMV and I even contemplated joining the Navy, this went on for six months if not longer. One day I was looking at a sports website called (it 's a news feed site for all baseball, football, basketball, soccer and hockey) and I saw an ad on the side of the page advertising jobs with Kraft Foods. I clicked on the link and it took me to an unavailable job but there were other jobs available in Fresno so I decided to apply. After submitting my resume, I received an email asking me to call and schedule my interview with the Human Resource department the next day.
I interviewed with Kraft Foods at the unemployment office near Jensen and Highway 99 in the southwest part of Fresno. The interview went well and I was basically hired on the spot minus taking a physical. One of the memorable things that came up at the end of the interview was that they had asked me if I still wanted to accept the job as they could only pay eight dollars per hour. I was informed a person declined the job earlier based on the pay and they wanted to make sure I would be ok with accepting the wage. Being that I was in such need of a job, I immediately said yes.
My first day on the job at Kraft everything was a blur, I remember sitting in a small office waiting for someone to come take me to the area that I would be working. The person walked me downstairs to the production floor and through

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