Taking a Look at Autism

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At the present moment there are no medications that alleviate the core symptoms of autism. However for children who are aggressive, self harming, hyperactive and engage in repetitive behaviours there are two medications that have been found to be effective; risperidone and aripiprazole. One of these medications could then be prescribed to reduce the engagement in repetitive behaviours since the boy does not exhibit any other symptoms. However this is only for a short period of time until the other therapies can be started. After all, there is a huge risk in taking these medications which is the possible development of diabetes . Applied behaviour analysis Secondly, applied behaviour analysis (ABA) has been proven to be effective in dealing with the core symptoms of autism. It utilizes techniques such as operant conditioning, incidental teaching, shaping for positive reinforcement, discrimination learning, task analysis, among the many to teach the child positive behaviours. Behavioural interventions such as ABA have found to work best in autism cases. However since behavioural techniques work better when the child is smaller we must use other approaches to compensate for that limitation (Matson et al., 2012; Zachor & Itzchak, 2010). Eclectic approach Along with ABA, the eclectic approach could also be used. It integrates philosophies from different approaches to provide a combined method of treatment. In this approach, there are many types of
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