Taking a Look at Gambling

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Gambling contains risking something of importance on an indefinite event in hopes of winning something of greater value. Although gambling can be a major problem it is done throughout the world in casinos, horse races, sporting events, and at a convenient store. Many people that gamble become addicted and begin to crave for the game causing it to be harmful psychologically and physically to the body. Anyone that gambles is at risk of being addicted whether you are male or female it may become a problem but there is help out there for you. This problem is treated the same as any other addiction with help from professionals.
People started gambling in the United States back in the 1600’s in the early colonies and continued to stick around. Legal gambling although came to an end in the early 1800’s mainly due to religious beliefs but also due to the fact that lotteries at that time frame were crooked (Dunston). In 1833, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts anti-lottery forces put an end to state authorized lotteries. After this people then began getting their lottery from other states such as Kentucky and illegal lotteries began. In 1868 lotteries began to come back around when Louisiana Lottery Company was granted a 25 year charter and following that New York’s legislature was bribed into passing the lottery law (Dunston). As gambling went through its phases of allowing lottery or not allowing lottery there was other forms of gambling that was taking place. Sports

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