Taking a Look at Holden's Inmaturity

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Catcher in The Rye Essay
Holden’s Immaturity Holden is just a young man, but he is going through a very cruel and unforgiving world that will change him forever. He overcomes many obstacles and barley gets out of it with his sanity still in tact. Holden is a different kind of person and he is just not wired like everybody else. He is represented as an outsider that is clearly different. Holden can change in his views quickly and they can stay that way for quite a long time. Holden in the beginning is very very innocent, and doesn’t exactly know how bad of a place the world is and know how bad people can become. Holden is also very immature and doesn’t understand what he is doing wrong in being immature. Holden has many emotions and views that he does not exactly know how to deal with, or when to deal with. He has certain views that are very hypocritical and immature. He thinks that he wants to do something, that in the end he would only regret, and he never does do these things, but the fact that he thinks about it clearly shows off his immaturity. Holden fails to grow up, and that hurts him throughout the novel multiple times causing, ultimately his path to be very different than he expected. In J.D. Salinger Catcher in the Rye, the main character, Holden Caufield, is fails to evolve maturely throughout the whole novel, regarding women, thinking out his actions, and killing. Holden has very hypocritical and wrong views about women and taking advantage of them
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