Holden Caulfield´s Innocence and Purity in The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

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In a society filled with impureness, Holden Caulfield searches for purity and innocence in everyone around him. Lonely, affectionate, and judgmental, Holden is the narrator and protagonist of The Catcher in the Rye. His actions and the way he acts reveals that Holden is very lonely, and is longing for human companionship. Holden is somewhat mature above his age, but still desires pleasures like any other teenage boy. After meeting people, Holden becomes very judgemental about the way people act. Theses traits all come together at the end and put Holden into a psychiatric institution, living a few miles away from his big brother. Throughout the entire story, Holden tells the reader that he is very lonesome, but never actually does …show more content…

Her mother knew my mother, and I could picture her breaking a goddam leg to get to the phone and tell my mother I was in New York. Besides, I wasn't crazy about talking to old Mrs. Hayes on the phone. She once told Sally I was wild. She said I was wild and that I had no direction in life. Then I thought of calling up this guy that went to the Whooton School when I was there, Carl Luce, but I didn't like him much. So I ended up not calling anybody.” (pg.59) This passage shows how there are many people that he is able to phone but chooses not to, because he is afraid to talk to them. Holden is like a cactus, tough and painful on the outside but still soft inside. Through his tough exterior, Holden still does wants friends just like any other teenager. Feeling compulsion for affection Holden respects women to a certain degree, and does know his boundaries. He is a sex crazed 16 year old, who admits, “Sex is something I just don't understand. I swear to God I don't.” (pg.63) He does not what to have sex with a girl he cares about, because he feels that it will turn her into an object. When he has a urge for sex, he would like to have it with a girl he doesn't care about or not fulfill that urge. For Holden it is very difficult to get close with a girl, unless he knows and likes her very much. When the chance finally arrived to fulfilling his urge with Sunny the prostitute, he shut that down because he would have rather just talked. When he said to

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