Taking a Look at Mobile Technolgy

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Mobile technology is the technology people use it all the time in their everyday life. In the early nineteenth century there were only rotary phones which are lot bigger than cell phone we have it now a days. Not everybody had rotary phone because if we look at their time history, having a phone meant a lot back at that time. After cellphone came in life became a lot easier. Now a day everybody have phone including children’s and senior citizens as well. After years of research and experiment, cellphones have become so small that we can put it in our pocket as well. According to one of the New York Times article Flight from Conversation “I’ve studied technologies of mobile connection and talked to hundreds of people of all ages and circumstances about their plugged in lives.” (Par 3).Mobile technology has changed the face of the modern world. Technology so good as such as mobile technology have positive and negative impact on American culture. Mobile technologies have positive impact on American culture. Now a days cellphone comes with camera, internet surfing, calculator message and email, games, social networking etc. people don’t have write a letter and spend money on postage stamp, we send it in just few seconds anywhere in the world with the help of a cellphone. Businessmen’s life became much easier with invention of the new features on the cellphone. People can make the conference voice call or video call then they can talk to more than one person with just a little
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