Taking a Look at Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it difficult for someone to establish what is real and what is not real. Schizophrenia also makes it hard to think clearly or to establish your emotions. Having this disorder affects how a person acts and sees the world. Over 2.2 million people suffer from this mental illness. There are many symptoms for Schizophrenia. Although there is no cure, proper treatment can control these symptoms.
A person with schizophrenia may often see or hear things that do not exist in reality. They will speak differently making it difficult to understand them and they believe that others are trying to harm them. They always have a feeling they are constantly being watched. With this disorder people with schizophrenia may have withdrawals from the outside world. The victims will act like they are confused and have a fear from the outside world.
There are many different symptoms that come with schizophrenia. These include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, and disorganized behavior. The signs and symptoms with each vary a lot depending on the person and the way they react to things. Some patients will have more severe symptoms then others and then some will have different patterns of symptoms. Not every patient will have all of the symptoms of schizophrenia but they will have different symptoms over time while having schizophrenia.
There are four different types of delusions that are very common while having the

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