Substance Abuse Research Paper

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According to the United Nation, drug abuse kills 200,000 people worldwide each year. Substance abuse is a huge issue we are fighting in today’s world that everyone seems to ignore or pretends not to notice. Although there are many factors to contribute to someone’s drug addiction, fortunately many treatments are available to save that person from the horrible life they would suffer from. Substance abuse is not just heroine, amphetamines or cocaine it also could be alcohol, prescription pills or club pills (roofies, ecstasy, LSD…). These are just to name some of the many types of drugs people get addicted too.
There are many Symptoms and behavioral signs you can notice that will help you point out if a friend or loved one has a substance abuse problem. For example, they could have a change of friends and are hanging with a new crowd. You could also notice they are starting to lie or steal from you. Spending money they do not have on drugs or doing things out of their normal behavior, for example prostituting. The individual could also have signs of needle marks on their upper arm, which can cause the skin to turn into abscesses that will leave scars. A plain and obvious symptom is the individual is intoxicated, delirious or unconscious in front of you.
Possible causes that can contribute to someone becoming a substance abuser include, depression, stress or peer pressure. Depression could come from a death or loss, social isolation, past physical or sexual abuse. Stress could

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