Taking a Look at Taiga Biome

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Taiga Biome
Take a peek inside to learn all about the magnificent Taiga biome.
As we travel through the Taiga you will be taken to four different locations.
1. The Wild Taiga in Finland- This historic place is home to the Taiga’s beautiful nature. Enjoy crystal blue waters, and in the winter months enjoy touring the Esker Valleys which were said to be formed during the time of the Ice Age.
2. The Wood Buffalo National Park is located in Canada and is a part of the Taiga Biome. You will see a variety of animals such as Wolves, Bears, and foxes. You will also see the Taiga’s keystone and indicator species in this area.
3. The next stop is The Great Bear Lake in Northern Canada. This is Canada’s largest lake. Unlike other lakes in the world, this one is fairly clean. It has no evidence of human activity. You will be taken on a large boat across the Lake to enjoy the beautiful sights of the Taiga.
4. The last stop on the tour will be Mackenzie River. The Mackenzie River is larger than the Mississippi River. You will be taken by the Marshland to see productive wildlife and learn all about the Taiga Biome.
The American Black Bear can be spotted in the Taiga fairly easy. It’s huge demurer is easily spotted as it weighs up to 230-500 lbs. They will eat anything, but most of the diet comes from plants. Be careful not to get too close as these creatures can be very protective and aggressive.
The Gray Wolf is the biggest canine in the Taiga. To adapt the Gray Wolf has very

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