Taking a Look at Television Broadcasting

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In many cases, it is safe to say that television broadcasting has polished the narrow mindedness of an imperative individual to either antagonize a supreme man running for presidency or be his very back bone in the process of voting. As airing prominent speeches made by powerful political figures can get one simple idea of justice to more than half the nation as it stands, it can create a strained society in which one will seem to manipulate the others aspect of just, and in return will call for protests. In the favor of qualifying that television broadcast has been both deleterious and accommodating to vote percentages, sources A, B, and F help to embellish the main points fabricated in this essay. As of now, in twenty first century, broadcasting has been very popular and it only seems to give birth to new forms of idea that can be compressed into what the media has to portray. Media, even in a history not so far away from our past have engendered the idea of setting powerful people to defend why they should be elected as president. Broadcasting, even in our not-so-long ago history has took the initiative to display one man sitting in office to half the nation “The advent of television in the late 1940’s gave rise to the belief that a new era was opening in public communication...its wide geographic distribution and impact, provides a new, direct, and sensitive link between Washington and the people” (Source A). In the source showcased above, we as the peoples of

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