Taking a Look at the Black Death

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The Black Death

The Black Death was a very lethal and deadly epidemic. It has been widely debated years ago what the black plague really was, how the epidemic had spread, why and how were the Jewish people were responsible for the outbreak or not, and how people attempted to put a halt to the plague. Even up to this day scientists are still observing the DNA of the infected people found at mass burials . It was such a complex and widespread disease that no one can stop it and it killed a large amount of Europe’s population. It wasn’t one simple disease; there were many mutations and adaptation to it that the thought of treatment was just outrageous. Many Christians and other religions blamed the Jews for the events that had occurred even when they had no considerable evidence that is was the Jewish people who started this outbreak.

The Black Death was a devastating event in the history of the world. It has an estimated 70-250 million deaths in the 14th century. There was an overload of bodies to bury therefore the people of the time had to create mass graves for the infected people. Only a few had the reward of being buried in a legitimate cemetery. The disease arrived in Sicily in 1347-it came from trading ships from the black sea. The men on the boats were mysteriously dying from an unknown affliction. The ships were filled with blood and other human fragments. This is why it is called “the Black Death”. This plague has already entered Egypt, China, India,

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